What’s in a Name

Tai Pi combines the best of both Vietnamese and Greek language.

Tai in Vietnamese, interchangeably means talent or intelligence. On the other hand, π (also written Pi) a Greek word, is a mathematical constant but also categorised as both an ‘irrational number’, as well as a, ‘transcendental number’.  Pi approximately equals 3.14159, but there is no end to the digits after the decimal. So far, more than 5 Trillion (10 to the power 60) digits after decimal have been discovered and the further search continues! But one thing is sure that there is no end to it. It’s an infinite process.

Thus endeavour at Tai Pi is to continuously push the boundary to deliver better output. The cardinal commitment is the ‘meaningful delivery’.  And ensure that this process goes on infinitely.

At Tai Pi, in the spirit of nature of Pi, we make efforts which may sometime look irrational and out-of-the-normal, but eventually result in achieving the objective.